Friday, December 09, 2005

Vikings Sweater

Vikings 1
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When I saw this slip-stitch pattern in one of my many pattern books, I knew I would have to turn it into a Vikings sweater for Amaria. Then my mom made pants to go with it (I'll have to get a pic of her in the matching outfit and put that on the site, eh?)

And believe it or not, I even had her wear it to school during the first half of our season this year (the before-Dante-got-injured period where we lost basically every game?). Now, though, she can wear it with pride as we continue to win and win and win (love that Brad Johnson!)

Amaria loves the sweater but it is starting to get a little small on her (short...she insists on growing and growing and growing!!) so I guess we will be giving it over to Baby John (who is about 2 by now) pretty soon. Leah and Gene are the biggest Vikings fans in our family, I think, so their boy can have the Vikings sweater. Fair?

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