Saturday, December 10, 2005

Conal's 2005 Christmas Sweater

Conal's 3
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I made this sweater for my nephew who lives in California. I was heart broken when he first moved there because I thought I could no longer knit for him, but luckily Emma said he still needs sweaters to wear in the morning because it gets chilly! As I am not a fan of (making) cardigans, I made this pullover with a large neck (partly to make it easier to get off of Conal in the morning and partly because, admit it, the boy has a LARGE head). I hope he likes it! I hope Emma or David do not look through my pix before Christmas!

I will definitely put a picture of Conal in the sweater after he gets it for Christmas.

I used a pattern for this, and I like the way the collar was worked. I picked up a bunch of the middle stitches, then went back and forth, picking up another 3 on each side, so that is how it gets to folding over like that. I also learned you can pick up stitches going the "wrong" way on the right side without much trouble. I had never done that before.

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