Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Amaria Christmas 2003 - Autumn Leaves Sweater

Amaria Christmas 2003
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This is one of the first sweaters I ever knit. You can't tell by looking, but the neck is WAY too tight...but it is really pretty. It is made of Red Heart Misty, which I really loved when I first discovered yarn and knitting. Actually, I still do love! I don't want to become a yarn snob, but I think I will eventually...in the meantime, isn't this a great sweater? And Amaria already had those pants which matched PERFECTLY!

When the neck no longer fit over Amaria's head (that big ol' brain, you know) I gave the sweater to my co-worker and friend, Alan, for his little girl, who was about 2 years younger and had a much smaller head!

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Slacker Mom said...

nice sweater. I couldn't do projects like that, I'd never finish. :)