Friday, May 28, 2010

Someone's In the Kitchen! It's Andrea!!

This GREAT new kitchen-themed kit by Andrea was so fun to scrap with! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! This kit, Someone's In the Kitchen, is by Scraps by Andrea of Stuff to Scrap. Click either layout or the preview to head to STS and pick it up!! Also, the first layout is using a template by JennCK of Elemental Scraps and Scrap Book Bytes.

And here's the whole kit - I gotta find a layout to create with that little dog!

Bears Eat Beets REVAMPED by Scraps of Ellay

One of my fave kits last year was Bears Eat Beets by Scraps of Ellay of Stuff to Scrap - not only because of the quirky name, but because I scrapped one of my favorite layouts of my little nephew Brennan with it. Well, Ellay has grown so much as a designer in the past year, and she loved that kit, too, so she decided to re-do it with all her new skills. The result is Bears Eat Beets II and it is AMAZING, as you can see in the layouts and preview below!! It's the BEST camping kit all summer, believe me! Click on either layout or the preview to pick up Bears Eat Beets II at Stuff to Scrap.

So check it out - that bear, that sign with the 3 arrows, the colors, those marshmallows - this is so cool!

Blue Skies & Sunshine by Nibbles Skribbles & SKrapper Digital

This is another super yummy kit by Nibbles Skribbles of The Studio, this time she has teamed up with SKrapper Digital (also of The Studio). The colors are just so beautiful!! I had a great time using this to scrap these happy pix! Click on either layout or the preview to head to The Studio to pick up Blue Skies & Sunshine!

See, aren't the colors just AWESOME!!?? And I have to find some reason to use that hot air balloon!!

Color My World by Scraps by Andrea

Man, I'm just so behind on posting on this blog! So here is this SUPER SCRUMPTIOUS kit, Color My World, by Scraps by Andrea of Stuff to Scrap. Umm, except that little hat, that is a template by Mommy Me Time Scrapper (also of STS). Click on the layout or preview to pick up the kit!

Zany Ziggles by Shel Belle Scraps

Shel did this adorable kit originally for a participation prize for a speed scrap at Stuff to Scrap, and now you can pick it up in the store! It's so colorful and fun!! With a name like Zany Ziggles, how can it not be!? Click on the layout or the preview to head to Stuff to Scrap to pick up Zany Ziggles by Shel Belle Scraps. Oh, and I used this great template by Growing Pains Scraps, also of STS.

And here is the preview of this gorgeous, fun kit!

Bubble Bath Buddies by Nibbles Skribbles & Flower Scraps

Two of my fave designers have teamed up to create this GREAT kit for scrapping bathtime, for girls or boys - the adorable little duckies and other elements make Bubble Bath Buddies just the CUTEST bathtime kit EVER!! Nibbles Skribbles of The Studio and Flower Scraps of Stuff to Scrap make one heck of an awesome team! Click either layout or the preview to head to The Studio to pick up the kit!

Purrrfect Princess by Scraps of Ellay

Here's an adorable, girly kit called Purrfect Princess by Scraps of Ellay! In my layouts, you won't see the kitties, because I simply don't have any kitties - well, we had a black cat named Snowball, but no really girly pix of that one. But it's a good kit for anything girly you may have, another great hit by Scraps of Ellay of Stuff to Scrap! And another awesome template by JennCK Designs of Elemental Scraps and Scrap Book Bytes. Click on either layout or kit preview to head to STS to pick up the beautiful kit!

And here's the kit with all the adorable little princesses and kitties!!

Modern Elegance by Scrappin' Serenity

Well I've been utterly neglecting my blog - I've been way too busy scrapping, marrying off a daughter, taking care of nephews and grandkids - you know, LIVING the life that I scrap! Anyway, this is the first of numerous posts with my most recent layouts by the fabulous designers I am privileged to create for. Starting with - MODERN ELEGANCE by Scrappin' Serenity! Ummm, elegance is not a word that really describes a whole lot of my life, but lately I've been scanning old family photos, and I ran across this one of my cousin, Charlene's, wedding (okay, her FIRST wedding, of, well, I won't say how many haha). So that's me on the far right there, and I was a whole lot cuter than I thought I was at the time! Nothing anybody could do about those awful glasses, but I was really tan with smooth, good skin, and just kind of pretty - which is surprising to me, because I NEVER thought of myself as pretty when I was little. And my parents were not the gushy, complimenting type (though that may not have mattered to how I felt about myself, because I AM the gushy, complimenting type and my kids still don't have the self confidence I'd wish for them to have...)

Anyway, enough of my bush-league psychology and on with the pretty pictures! In addition to using Modern Elegance by Scrappin' Serenity of Stuff to Scrap, I also used a template by JennCK Designs (as usual haha!) of Elemental Scraps and Scrap Book Bytes! Click on the layout or the kit preview to head to Stuff to Scrap to pick up this gorgeous kit!

And here is the kit!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taia's Garden - Freebie Mini

Taia's Garden, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Hey, here's this little mini kit I made for a contest at The Studio - I could win a design class with SKrapper Digitals! So this contest was to make only 5 papers and 7 elements, so that is what's here, but I have a feeling I'm going to work on this some more - there are SOOOO many more nifty things that could go into Taia's Garden, don't you think? If you have a suggestion, leave a comment, and I'll make sure it goes in. Look back here in a week or so for the full kit. Click on preview to download this mini.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

$2 Tuesday at Stuff to Scrap!

It's Tuesday again, and over at Stuff to Scrap that means it's time for $2 Tuesdays. Seal Scraps is placing a couple of kits in the $2 bin this week and for today only you can get Steampunk or A Moorland Morning for just two dollars. Click the flyer to head over to the store and get them now:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Awesome! The Joy by Nibbles Skribbles & Scraps of Ellay

Wanna know what's really fun? Having two of my most favorite designers work together to create one FABULOUS kit!! That's what happened to ME this past week - and here is the kit, The Joy (as in "of motherhood" but you can scrap many things with this beautiful kit) by Scraps of Ellay of Stuff to Scrap and Nibbles Skribbles of Digi Scrap Ink and Digi Scrap Studio! Click on their previews to head to their BLOGS because you won't find this amazing kit in their stores yet - it is FREEEEEEEE on their blogs this week!!! (But if you are viewing this later than May 2010, click on the store names in this post to head to their stores and pick it up - it's worth it either way, trust me). So, here's the kits and a couple layouts I made using both parts.

I had to toss a coin each time I mentioned them both to decide which to put "first" because I couldn't choose otherwise, haha! So here is Ellay's part

And here is Manda's part

And here, this layout is so special, because there's just not anything more special than seeing my daughter loving my granddaughter. She is a GREAT mom and it makes me so proud to be the one who raised her (though I take no credit in how awesome she has turned out, that's just her and God) and these are 2 of my 3 favorite girls (the other being, of course, Amaria).

Amaria's friend, Tori, just adores Taia. Amaria adores Taia because that's her niece and she loves her, but I gotta admit, that's about all, because Amaria is NOT really into little kids. She has NO desire to ever be a baby sitter or an elementary school teacher or anything. She's only 10, so I wonder how she can stand herself, haha! Anyway, Tori loves helping me with Taia and on this trip to the zoo a few weeks ago, she was SUCH a blessing, because for being only one little tiny kid, Taia needed ALL THREE of us to watch her and entertain her and keep up with her!

Sail Away by Shel Belle Scraps

Okay, I'm really late with this, but life has thrown me some major curve balls lately, and guess what? I don't play baseball!! So...anyway, here is this great kit by Shel Belle Scraps of Stuff to Scrap, and the one layout I've made using it so far. If you have been on the water, you will want this kit!! So click on the preview or the layout and head to Shel's store at STS!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mr & Mrs Blog Hop - Freebies!!

Hi! Check out Nibbles Skribbles & her Skribbles hosting the Mr & Mrs Skribbler Scrap! Here's how this works: Nibbles Skribbles has created a beautiful add on to her Mr & Mrs collection and she wants to see what you can do with it! I have one of nine download links for you, you'll have to swing by some of the other Skribbler's blogs to pick up the rest of the kit!

Collect all 9 parts (4 papers and 11 elements) of the Add On and create a layout. Post a link to your layout as a comment on Nibbles Skribbles post about this scrap. Be sure to include an email address so she can get in touch with you! Everyone who participates will get a coupon to get the full Mr. & Mrs. Kit 50% off and one lucky scrapper will win the whole kit plus an add on of their choice!

Layouts must be posted by 9am CST Sunday, May 9 (Mother's Day, in the US :D) and a winner will be announced by May 10!

Follow the links!
Christie Dawn
Nibbles Skribbles

Gotta Kiss a Few Frogs by Scrappin' Serenity

Scrappin Serenity has a new kit in her store this week. You've seen it before...but now it's back and it's better than ever! She has revamped and added to the kit that she did for the STS Designer Darling contest. It now has 15 Papers, 45 Elements and a FULL Alpha. Check out the previews below and click each one to go to her store. AND because it's STS "Birth" can pick this up at a different discount ALL month long!
Here's a closer look at that papers:
Here's a matching set of cardstocks:
And of course a set of Quick Pages:
And Scrappin' Serenity has this Add On for Free on her blog. Click the preview below to go to her blog to download:
And here are the layouts I did with this kit:

Monday, May 03, 2010

This Scrapper's Got Talent!

Do you think you have the "stuff to scrap" your way to the top of our "This Scrapper's Got Talent" Contest? If so, hurry over to the Stuff To Scrap forum and sign up now, only the first 100 will be accepted!
- One LO required per week (you will have several days to get it completed).
- Each week a different set of guidelines for your layout.
- Players get a participation prize for moving on each week.
- First challenge will be given on May 26th and the winner will be announced on June 30th.
- Big GRAND prize for winner that includes STS designer kits & gift certificates.