Friday, October 29, 2010

40% Off Knittinjen's Entire Store

This weekend only, get 40% off my entire store - except for This Little Piggy, which is 50% off, and check out the next post below for the add-on to This Little Piggy which is 100% off - in other words, FREE!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Blog Train Is Here!

Here is my treat for you - I won't even make you do a trick to get it! This adorable little add-on to my and Scraps of Ellay's new collab kit, This Little Piggy, is available to you for free this weekend at Stuff to Scrap. Click on the preview to head over to STS and pick it up, and then you can pick up This Little Piggy for 50% off!! You can pick it up either at my store or Ellay's - it is the same kit either way. A MEGA kit full of 23 papers, 12 cardstock papers, 2 full alphas, and a whopping 78 elements! Check it out by clicking on the preview below.

Okay, first, here's the freebie.

And here is the full kit - 50% off this weekend only!

And here are the rest of the stops on the blog train - Ellay has another Piggy alpha for you, and all the other designers have wonderful goodies! Trick Or TREAT!!

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Knittinjen SUPER Halloween Weekend Sale!!

Beginning tonight at 12:01 (so actually, tomorrow morning haha) my ENTIRE Stuff to Scrap store is 40% off - but that's not all - This Little Piggy - my newest kit which is a MEGA kit and a collab with the fabulous Scraps of Ellay - will be on sale for 50% off the entire weekend! That's right - 50% off!! What a deal!! And check here tomorrow for the blog train to get a fun, free add-on to the This Little Piggy kit - that is FREE, did you catch that? Just as a reminder, this is the kit you want to buy this weekend for HALF price!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Fun at Stuff to Scrap!

It's going to be a fabulous weekend at Stuff to Scrap! There's a big freebie blog train and I have something REALLY exciting for you! Not to mention all the other fabulous designers who have specials for you, as well - don't miss it! Click on the flier to head to the Stuff to Scrap forum to see what fun treats we have for you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

This Little Piggy Collab Kit by Knittjen & Scraps of Ellay

This MEGA KIT is now available at Stuff to Scrap! You can purchase it from either my store or Ellay's store (but don't purchase from both - it is the SAME download either way). We've had such fun making this, and as you can see, our CT members have had a great time scrapping with it! Here are some layouts they have made.
One by Ellay, one by Lauren

2 by Noelle

A super-fun 2-page layout by Kristen

2 by Julie

2 by Paula

THREE by Kendra!

2 by Tammy

And a few by Ellay's CT - first Ginger (2)

And here's one by Katifer & one by Sandra

Wow - these ladies are so creative!! Now, for the previews and links to the kit in my store (but remember, you can buy it from either store - and either way, it's the same full kit).

With ALL those elements (78 of them, you know) in the way, it's hard to see the papers, so here - take a look at those.

Be sure to come check out our blogs this coming weekend (Halloween weekend) for some fun freebies that match this kit. And be sure to share with us whatever you create with it - we'd love to see! And as always, I have included 12 cardstock papers - here's the preview of those.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Katie's Dance - New Kit at Stuff to Scrap!

We've seen adorable kits for Luke and Chawndell, and now we have one for Paula's daughter, Katie! Katie LOVES to dance! And, when I first asked about it, she loved the color purple! I hear that she is now into red - but she still likes purple okay - and she wears glasses, so this kit full of adorable little dancers, including a couple who also wear glasses, is absolutely perfect for little Katie. You can pick it up at my Stuff to Scrap store by clicking on any of the previews. And of course, the cardstock is included free with the purchase of the kit, or available separately.

Okay, okay, I can't wait to show you Katie!! I'll put her here, this is Paula's layout using Katie's Dance, of adorable little Katie!! Then the previews, after Katie. (see, all that red!)

And here they are, dancing across the page and into your heart!!

Here are the papers.

And the elements - 26 of them (and I call this a MINI!?)

And the cardstock papers.

And now, some layouts from my fabulous creative team! First up, Noelle, who did two of Chawndell (hmmm, also blond with glasses...)

And now one from Kendra.

Here's one from Julie - using the frame that I love so much! Doesn't she look like the freest of spirits!?

Another super fun one from Tammy.

And a lovely monochrome layout from Lauren!

So head on over to Stuff to Scrap, and get this little kit for the dancer in YOUR life!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset on Stuff to Scrap - and a freebie!

Anytime I hear people talking nostalgically about how fast their children are growing up, how time is flying, I begin to sing this song - yes, out loud and proudly, with all the heart and none of the talent of Topol singing in Fiddler on the Roof! There is NO OTHER SONG that so perfectly captures the feeling of how swiftly time goes by. This reminds me to take notice of every precious moment along the way! And what better way to truly honor the moments than by scrapping them? So, if you did not have the chance to pick this up as a free kit when I was in the final stages of the recent designer contest, pick it up now at Stuff to Scrap! And, if you did pick this up as a freebie, you are missing the cardstock papers, so you can go pick them up, too, for just $1.99. (Note: If you buy the full kit, do not also get cardstocks, they are included FREE in the full kit).

Click on the previews to head to the store to pick up the kit, then be sure to check out my CT's layouts, and find a freebie down at the end (from Kendra - who is REALLY talented at making these adorable frames!)

Now some inspiration from my CT - beginning with one by Lauren

And here are a couple by Julie - a perfect set!

Here are a couple by Tammy

Here's two by Paula!

Here are 2 I made! Wasn't I a cute little baby!?

Finally, 3 by Kendra, and a freebie from her as well.

And did you just love the frame from that last one? Great - pick it up here for free! (click preview)