Monday, June 29, 2009

090629 Puppy Love

090629 Puppy Love, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Good Ol' Zeke - we still miss him terribly. Here Amaria snuggles with him and Scottie. For template challenge (template by daisydil) and kit Wild Cherry Tea by Gingerscraps.

090629 Lovely Lisha

090629 Lovely Lisha, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

2005 was the year Lisha started wearing pink - with a vengeance! And I LOVE it - see how beautiful she is!!!??? Created for storybook challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps, using the Pretty in Pink kit by Scrappyweiss Designs.

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Sorry, Farrah, you were just a bit before my time. Michael Jackson was my OBSESSION from about 5th grade thru sometime in high school. So he melted later in life, but WOW he was SO AWESOME back then! My favorite poster ever, of course!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

090625 Amaria's Stuffies

090625 Amaria's Stuffies, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I completed this page using Wish You a Rainbow by Sherri Tierney for Sunshine Studios template challenge using a template by daisydil. This is Amaria with a few of her buddies!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

090624 Good Ol Zeke

090624 Good Ol Zeke, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Here's my good ol' beagle Zeke, gone nearly 3 years ago. I just love him! I used the new kit, Life Is Ruff, by Digilicious Designs - the preview is here, and click on the preview if you want to purchase!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

090623 Amaria Meets Humphrey

090623 Amaria Meets Humphrey, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Well I've been sick, and haven't scrapped for AGES! Over a WEEK! I used this fabulous new girly dog kit, Petals & Paws, by Digilicious Designs over at Digi Scrapbook Mania! Here is a preview of the kit - check it out!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stuff to Scrap Sizzlin Summer Sale!

You don't want to miss out on this! 30% off the whole store! Read all about it on this flier, and then click on the flier to be taken right to the store to START SHOPPING!

Friday, June 12, 2009

090612 2009 Good Neighbor Days

090612 2009 GND, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

These girls are having themselves a GREAT time! I used Playground Days by The Latest Scoop, Too, of Stuff to Scrap.

090612 Comfy Lisha

090612 Comfy Lisha, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

An awesome quote by Mark Twain, and I won't go telling the story of the Apple Valley High School yearbook that showed the difference between a freshman and a senior and how they dress, because Lisha is sick to death of that story. Let's just say, she has been like a senior since she was a freshman! I made this for a quote challenge at Stuff to Scrap using the kit Smile by Digi-Designs by Nicole.

090612 Spidey Sense

090612 Spidey Sense, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Weren't they adorable? Meech teaching Amaria how to shoot webs like a spider man! I used the kit Once Upon a Time by Color With Caryn, and the words Spidey Sense are in the font Home Remedy.

090612 Amaria Headphones

090612 Amaria Headphones, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

My gorgeous girls! Using mini kit Lime in the Coconut by Danimoy of Enchanted Studio Scraps for a pixie pouch challenge!

090611 Baby Amaria

090611 Baby Amaria, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This will be an early page in Amaria's 10th birthday gift book! I want her to know how precious she was, what a great gift to our family! I created this for the June pickpocket pixie challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps, scraplifting Ellie80's Imagination layout. I used Scrappers Delight kit Mega Spring - great baby colors!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet Kitty

Sweet Kitty, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I just had to share with you all this sweet, loving kitty, Precious. Isn't she a darling? Don't you just wanna snuggle right up with her?

090611 Knifty Knits

090611 Knifty Knits, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Continuing the alpha book, I used a little scrappetic license with Knifty Knits - and for anybody who sees this and wondered why I'm a scrapper with the name knittinjen - wonder no more! I did this using the awesome Sara Ellis' kit Sunshine Sugar, from Enchanted Studio Scraps.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

090610 Dancing Siblings

090610 Dancing Siblings, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Oh, look at the sweet, happy face on my boy. He just adored his little sister, he had joy and happiness. How long has it been since I've seen him happy and joyful like this? Okay, enough whining - I made this page with a template by Robyn Pali and the kit Blue-Green Summer by Chris Greiser.

090610 Calendar

090610 Calendar, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

June 2009 Calendar using Best Friends kit by A+ Designs for Enchanted Studio Scraps.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

090609 Ike Last Day

090609 Ike Last Day, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

What a ham! You'd never know she was utterly heartbroken to be leaving her school would you? I used Flower Seeds by EEAM.

090609 Amaria's Laughter

090609 Amaria's Laughter, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I've always loved these smiley pix. The blanket behind Amaria's head is the top of the quilt that I began making for Lisha in 2001- and which Emma finished and returned to her in 2009! I used Candy Coatings by DDBN of STS.

Monday, June 08, 2009

090608 Amaria Nicole

090608 Amaria Nicole, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Look at those eyes! They look like one of those dogs or cats they make cards with where they make the eyes bigger than they really are - except that's how big my beautiful baby's eyes were!
This was another one of those insane challenges - use as many kits as you can from Sunshine Studios designers, one thing from each one. So you have to go to Sunshine if you want to see credits - too long to list here!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

090606 Reading Together

090606 Reading Together, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I adore my baby girl! I used the Say Cheese kit by Wimpy Chompers from Sunshine Studios to scrap this awesome memory of me and Amaria!

090606 Delight

090606 Delight, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

As I am the picture taker, there aren't all that many pix of me and Amaria together. So the few that there are will ALL get into Amaria's book. Here's one of them! I used Bahama Mama collab kit from Sunshine Studios Scrap.

090606 Tree Hugger

090606 Tree Hugger, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Here you go, Emma! That's your boy! A true tree hugger is Brennan! I LOVE this photo - he just told me he wanted to hug the tree, so of course, my camera was ready. I used Welcome to the Jungle kit by Designz by Kristi at Sunshine Studios.

090605 Amaria Pooch

090605 Amaria Pooch, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I keep making pages saying "this is one of my favorite pix of Amaria" - well, let's face it, she's very adorable and very photogenic! So this is another one of my fave pix of Amaria! I made this page using the Backyard Garden by Kristi W of Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090606 Backyard Cousins

090606 Backyard Cousins, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I've been scrapping so many "old" photos I thought I would do some recent ones - this is the most recent visit David's family made. I used the Welcome to the Jungle kit by Designz by Kristi at Sunshine Studio Scraps.

Friday, June 05, 2009

090605 Amaria Blading

090605 Amaria Blading, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I was so proud of Amaria for giving this a try and learning so quickly! I used Sunshine Studios collab kit Sunny ADSR for this fun summetime layout!

090604 The Approach

090604 The Approach, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I made this layout with the first kit I ever bought from Sunshine Studios - Sunny ADSR (not sure what the ADSR stands for).

090605 Amaria's 3

090605 Amaria's 3, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I'm working my way thru pix of Amaria thru the years so I can give them to her for her 10th birthday in a big book by Blurb. This is her 3rd birthday - she was so completely obsessed with Wizard of Oz! I used Make A Wish by Stolen Moments and Trixie Scraps from Sunshine Studio Scraps.

Beauty - Then & Now

This is one of my first digi layouts back in 2005 when page kits were rare & not so much free! I created my own background pulling color from the photo. My extraction was not too impressive - note the wall still connected to the back of her head! But this pic and this poem went together for me the moment I saw this pic!

I basically like the way the layout is as far as positioning - well the pic kind of had to be where it is based on the edges of it. I made the sweater so I didn't want to cut or dissolve that out of the pic. And I didn't want to flip her to look the other way because I like her looking this way. So I decided that instead of matching the colors of the skin and sweater, I would use bright & contrasting colors. I got the wall out of her head, played around a bit with saturation, and kept with the night time theme by using the Wynken Blynken & Nod kit. And I like this layout, tho it's not that much different, much better!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

090604 Amaria & Jeannie

090604 Amaria & Jeannie, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This is one of my fave laugh photos of Amaria - she just laughs so completely and puts her whole self into it! Jeannie was cracking up at Amaria cracking up. They were at Mary Schifsky's house for Leah's baby shower for John. I created this for the Sunshine scrap-a-thon using their collab kit Walking on Sunshine.

090603 Hello

090603 Hello, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I've always loved this photo of Conal, Ginny, and Amaria, though it is not a high quality photo (kind of part washed out and parts were too dark). But through digi-scrapping, I was able to use it despite the flaws! This is my nephew Conal & his Gramma Ginny, and my little girl Amaria (when she was REALLY little!). Used A Sunny Day by Mary's Scrapdesigns at Sunshine Studios for their 1st Anniversary Scrap-a-Thon!

090602 Lovely Taia

090602 Lovely Taia, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I take zillions of digital photos, and this is why. Every once in awhile, you just get a picture so PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL - as this one is of Taia. That smile, those eyes - I could look at this little kid all day. She is such a joy! For this page I used the kit Lovely by Mel Hains at Scrap That Idea.

090602 Donation Tree

090602 Donation Tree, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Ike is only in 5th grade, if you can believe it! He's one of the nicest kids - which makes sense cuz he has awesome parents! Karen is the Interim Children's Ministry Director, and really fun! These are people from the church I work at, St Stephen. For this page I used Apple Spice by Mel Hains at Scrap That Idea.

090602 Arts Fair

090602 Arts Fair, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Amaria had so much fun at this fair! I used School Days by Sweet Blossom at Scrap That Idea.