Friday, June 05, 2009

Beauty - Then & Now

This is one of my first digi layouts back in 2005 when page kits were rare & not so much free! I created my own background pulling color from the photo. My extraction was not too impressive - note the wall still connected to the back of her head! But this pic and this poem went together for me the moment I saw this pic!

I basically like the way the layout is as far as positioning - well the pic kind of had to be where it is based on the edges of it. I made the sweater so I didn't want to cut or dissolve that out of the pic. And I didn't want to flip her to look the other way because I like her looking this way. So I decided that instead of matching the colors of the skin and sweater, I would use bright & contrasting colors. I got the wall out of her head, played around a bit with saturation, and kept with the night time theme by using the Wynken Blynken & Nod kit. And I like this layout, tho it's not that much different, much better!