Saturday, January 30, 2010

100130 Sister Taia

I took some of the cutest pictures I've ever taken of Taia on the day her baby brother Gavyn was born, so here they are, scrapped with a template and the kit Rachel's Room, both by Scraps of Ellay at Stuff to Scrap - click on preview to pick it up!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Patchwork Lives Freebie Kit!

This kit was made for the Stuff to Scrap Designer Darling contest, Week 3. It was inspired by a photo of a beautiful quilt made by Deanna, bka Flowersraps, of Stuff to Scrap (heading up this contest). Naturally my mind went immediately to quilts in general, as my fabulous sister-in-law, Emma, has brought the love of all things "quiltie" into our lives in the 10 years she has been my sis! Many of the quilting textures and stitches in this kit are of her making, and as it is a free kit, be sure to download it FREE at Stuff to Scrap by clicking on the preview. Below the preview, you will see information about Emma's Quilties shop at Etsy, and in the download, you will find even more info about her beautiful work!

Click on this flyer to head to Emma's Quilties blog!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Journaling Challenge at Sunshine Studios!

At one time, nearly ALL of my scrapbook pages were the result of participating in various challenges at different sites - I had the desire to scrap my life, but not always the creativity to come up with a page idea "from scratch". I look back and am glad that I did so because so many things got scrapped, and I made so many unique pages, and my skills were enhanced by trying new things. I discovered my own style by doing the challenges available to me!

Now I am hosting some challenges as a Sunshine Sweetie at Sunshine Studio Scraps, and this week I am hosting a Journaling Challenge. The basic challenge is to do a scrapbook page about an anecdote - a small incident - in your life or the life of your family members. Something that would probably leave your memory in a year or two otherwise, but which tells a bit about a certain day, a certain moment in time. My anecdote page is below - using the Denim kit by Scrapidea Timkova. Click on the page and you will be whisked away to the challenge at Sunshine! All participants will receive a 40% off coupon to Secret Garden's Sunshine Studio - click here to see her beautiful designs! But although this is a nice prize, participate in this challenge for the simple purpose of capturing something special about YOUR life, to be remembered always!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Orchard Harvest by Graham Like the Cracker

Scrapping my little girl - well, she WAS little back then - with this great, beautiful, richly-textured kit by Graham Like the Cracker, available at Sunshine Studios! Click on the layout or the preview to head over there and pick this gorgeous kit up!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Is Your Homework Done? Freebie Addon Kit

Well, I couldn't wait to get this add-on freebie to you, so here it is! Just a few little extras, some cardstock, and an AWESOME colorful paper that I really love, and a few little goodies to help you scrap with the full Homework kit. Enjoy! Click the preview to download.

100122 The Battle

Since this is the girl who inspired this kit, and all the excuses on the background paper (and then some!), and who provided the alpha for this kit, I thought I'd better do a layout with her doing her homework (ummm, or at least getting close to doing her homework!). I used the kit, Is Your Homework Done?, that I created for the Stuff to Scrap Designer Darling contest - week 2! Pick it up right at the forum on STS -click on the layout to be taken there. Not just this kit, but a bunch of other freebies are available!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Your Homework Done? Freebie Kit

Is Your Homework Done?, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This kit was made for the second week of Stuff to Scrap's Designer Darling contest. Whew! Crazy bright color palette, but with the help of my daughter, Amaria, I got it done, and I'm pretty happy with it! Vote for me! To get this kit free, along with all the other entries for Week 2, click on the preview and head over to Stuff to Scrap! Be sure to come back on Friday or Saturday and vote for me, too, okay? And continue checking my blog - something tells me there may be a bit of a freebie coming up - cardstock for sure, maybe a few more doodle elements - that was GREAT fun!!

Moss Berries Add-On 2

While I was waiting for the week 2 instructions/palette, I made this little bunch of things to add on to my Moss Berries kit, so if you'd like it, you can head to my blog and download this by clicking on the preview. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

100118 Levi's Sweater

Is my cousin adorable or what!? And is this kit by Scraps of Ellay adorable or WHAT!? Called Thompson's Room, this kit is available at Stuff to Scrap - so great for baby boys!! Click the page or preview to head to Ellay's Stuff to Scrap store and pick it up!

Friday, January 15, 2010

100115 Daddy Charming

100115 Daddy Charming, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Well, I gotta hand it to Christie Dawn, she won my heart with her add-on to this kit - a black prince and princess! What took Disney nearly 100 years took Christie Dawn one go! Yippee! So...I was able to scrap my beautiful princess with her Prince Charming - so far, thank goodness, her daddy! This is Christie Dawn's kit for week 1 (aka Scrappin Serenity) and as you can see by the high quality and the votes - her kit RAWKS! So be sure to vote for her. Umm, after you vote for me, haha! Template is by the awesome Scraps of Ellay!

Moss Berries Add-On Freebie

Download Cardstock

Download Alpha

I didn't have a preview ready when I posted the free cardstock add-on, but here is the preview now with both the cardstock and the alpha - links are below the preview, and the preview is linked back to Stuff to Scrap, the voting area - where you are free to vote for me, or others if you want. You must be registered, but that is easy and free, so no worries! AND the kit preview below is linked to the forum at Stuff to Scrap where you can pick up all the freebies for this contest, week 1! Check back next week for even more!!

Well, here are two layouts I made using my kit, Moss Berries. One of the requirements for the kits in this Stuff to Scrap Designer Darling contest is scrapability - can it be used to make layouts? Well, here's your answer! Click on either layout to be taken to the forum where you can pick up my kit for free, as well as all of the others! Feel free to vote for me, when that option is available, and thanks, and enjoy!

$1 Stuff to Scrap Build-a-Kit Sale

Well this is a pretty great deal, so I thought I'd post on the blog - click flyer to head on over! I like how you can pick just the right parts of this kit, skip the things you aren't so interested in.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Freebie Kit - Moss Berries

Well, I did it! I created my kit for the first week's Designer Darling contest at Stuff to Scrap. Not only did I do that, but I also created an extra cardstock add-on! Click on the preview below to head to the Stuff to Scrap forum where you can find not only my kit, but a bunch of gorgeous free kits to download and play with. And click here to get my free cardstock add-on. I don't have a preview yet, but you know, it's cardstock, so it looks like that. haha!
Also, if you would like to support me by voting for me, that'll be happening on Friday or Saturday or something...I'll post more about that tomorrow. And think I may just have ANOTHER little freebie add-on - an alpha! Coming sure to drop back in then.
Finally, see my purdy new blog background and header? I made it with this new kit, and with the fabulous directions and templates from Digi-Designs by Nicole, the awesome owner of the fabulous store Stuff to Scrap. You can click here to check out the templates (and more importantly, the DIRECTIONS) to make your own new blog backgrounds and headers and alla that neat stuff.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Designer Darling Contest at Stuff to Scrap!

Okay, I tried my hand at designing a bit, kinda tanked, and now I am REALLY going for it with the Stuff to Scrap Designer Darling Contest - come check out the contest with me! Here is the palette for the first week - we are making mini kits (so you'll probably be able to find some freebies) and we are completely free to create our own kit name and theme. Arrggggh!!! Umm, I mean, how exciting! haha. So the palette is linked to the forum where this is all happening, and be sure to keep watching my blog for nifty stuff - links to the freebies I create, for one thing. And all the other fabulous designers-to-be, as well! While you're at it, there will be a time to vote, so ummm, go vote for me, k?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Morning Mocha by Little Red Scraps & Nibbles Scribbles - FREE KIT!

This adorable layout of my precious daughter was created with a kit which is available this week FREE on the blogs of Little Red Scraps and Nibbles Scribbles. Here is the schedule of downloads - be sure to pick them up the day listed, as they will only be available free for 24 hours each (but you can always pick up the kit for a good price at Stuff to Scrap after the freebie time is up):

Mon. Jan 11: Solid Papers

Tues. Jan 12: Patterned Papers
Wed. Jan 13: Elements
Thurs. Jan 14: Alphas
Fri. Jan 15: Quick Pages (including one by me, based on this layout!)

Click on the previews below to head to each designer's blog and pick up their portion!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My first Scrapidea-Timkova CT Member Layout!

So did you all know that I am a guest CT member for the fabulous, amazing, wonderful designer, Scrapidea-Timkova? I'm so honored to be so, her designs are AMAZING!!! Click the preview below to head to her store and see for yourself - amazing!!
This layout, telling a hilarious story from our family Christmas party, was created using Denim by Scrapidea-Timkova of Sunshine Studio Scraps, and using her grunge photo overlays as well. Click on preview or picture to head to Scrapidea-Timkova's Sunshine Studios store. Her designs are GORGEOUS!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

You're My Girls by Litabells Designs

This is a new designer to me, at Sunshine Studios, and I just LOVE her kits so far! This one is called You're My Girls, and here's a layout I did - also used Litabells' template for this one - they are great, too! Click on the layout or the kit preview to head to her store and pick these awesome things up!

Goodfellas Freebie Kit by Scraps of Ellay

Here are two layouts I did from Christmas 2009 - one of my nephew wearing the sweater I knit for him this year, and one of my very pregnant daughter opening her Christmas gift from me - small, but very useful! I used this awesome freebie kit by Scraps of Ellay called Goodfellas. It is available this week only for free (1/4/10) and after that will be available in her store at Stuff to Scrap. Click on the preview of the kit to head to her blog, and click on either layout to head to her store.