Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cosmic Charlie - awesome new kit!

Check out this awesome new mega kit by Scraps of Ellay! Gorgeous colors and about a zillion papers and elements - and on sale right now for a SUPER deal at Stuff to Scrap. Below that is my FIRST (but not last) layout with this kit - click on kit preview to be taken to the store to get this awesome kit! There's also a quick page pack, and a free additional alpha, so head on over!

090930 Jennifer Leo, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This was made with Scraps of Ellay's newest kit, a great-big mega kit called Cosmic Charlie, available on Stuff to Scrap.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

$1 Day at Bouquet of Pixels!!

090916 Kick It Meme, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Wasn't he an adorable little guy!?!? I used my new kit, Workin Day & Night, to scrap this. The kit (see preview below) is available for only $1 today only (9/16/09) at Bouquet of Pixels! Click on kit previews to be whisked away to purchase them for only $1!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Kit! September 16 - only $1!!!

This is my brand-new kit, with awesome office-type elements, for all those pix of the coworkers who are our "other family". Gorgeous office-type colors, versatile elements (really, doesn't even NEED to be office pix you scrap with this one), and an INCREDIBLE alpha by Lorryfach (a CT member at Ginger Scraps) make this one kit you don't want to miss. And if you pick it up on Wednesday, September 15, 2009, you can get it FOR ONLY $1!!! Yep, that one day. There are a few other kits available for $1 on that day, and a whole bunch by other people, and for some reason I have lost my mind and offered this new kit for just $1! Click on preview to go to store - enjoy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Awesome New Kit by Scraps of Ellay - Diamond Lucy

I LOOOVE this kit by Scraps of Ellay - love the bright colors and whimsical elements! You love it too? Click on the preview and go get it! And then peruse the couple of layouts I made using the kit...

Friday, September 04, 2009

090901 My Angel

090901 My Angel, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Aww, my little baby girl! I did this for a word art challenge for Enchanted Studio Scraps, using a kit called "Amy's Birds" by A+ Designs, one of my FAVORITE designers at ESS!

090901 Meme 1st Birthday

090901 Meme 1st Birthday, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Here's my son, Demetreus, NEAR his 1st birthday...I figured since he was so little, he wouldn't know what date we celebrated. He had a great time with the cake! I used the kit "In the Neighborhood" by Pretty Scrappy and a template by Stolen Moments.

090901 Meme 1st Birthday2

090901 Meme 1st Birthday2, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Second page of funny Meech birthday pix, using Around Town by Pretty Scrappy, and a template by Stolen Moments.

090901 Lisha's 1st Cut

090901 Lisha's 1st Cut, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I used a template by Stolen Moments and a Faith Sisters collab kit from fall 2008.

090901 Grandpa's Family

090901 Grandpa's Family, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

An amazing photograph somebody brought to my uncle at his work one day - my grandfather and his 10 brothers & sisters, along with my GREAT grandmother and GREAT grandfather! I love the sense of continuity of life - I've read that before, but not FELT it before. The one in the white is Agnes, and she is the one that me and a number of my cousins look like! I used the kit Unbreakable by Viva Artistry of Sunshine Studio Scraps

090901 Birthday Puppy

090901 Birthday Puppy, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

It's so cute to see my dad writing on the pink, girly puppy! Big tough Teamster, you know! I used the kit Bird Song by Sweet Blossom Designs of Scrap That Idea, and a template by Stolen Moments of Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090901 Baby Face

090901 Baby Face, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Just so adorable! I used my own kit, Rock With You, available at Bouquet of Pixels, and a template by Stolen Moments of Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090901 Hosannah

090901 Hosannah, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Created with the Sassy Princess kit by Becki Kress of Elemental Scraps, using a template by Stolen Moments of Sunshine Studios.

090901 Uncle Time

090901 Uncle Time, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Amaria and Uncle Ralph in 2002. Used Wild Cherry Tea by Gingerscraps, and a template by "The 80's Me" (not ME, that's her name she designs with).

090901 Breanna

090901 Breanna, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This kid keeps getting more & more beautiful as the years go on! Love her! Used the kit Doodle Me This by Stacey's Scraps at Scrap That Idea, and template by Stolen Moments.

090902 Leah & John

090902 Leah & John, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I made this layout beginning with a template by Stolen Moments, but the layout kinda got away from me - but the basic form is still there. I used the kit Sunset which was my very first digital PURCHASE (non-freebie) kit and I love it still - it is a collab kit from Pretty Scrappy!

090904 Goose Park

090904 Goose Park, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Hehe, I'll never forget this visit. We finally got away from the geese, and then the ducks mauled her down by the river! Ahahaha! I used the Sunny ADSR collab kit from Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090904 Pooh & Gramma

090904 Pooh & Gramma, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I did this for a scraplift challenge at Stuff to Scrap, "lifting" a layout by Scrappity Doo Dah! I used a kit called Preppy Primary by Scrappyweiss Designs of Enchanted Studio Scraps (but *sniff sniff* not much longer, she is retiring...for now).

090904 My Advice

090904 My Advice, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Sometimes I just make an entirely different kind of page! Like this! I thought this picture of Amaria went with this quote very well...but the layout didn't really seem to once I got started. Then I decided I'd leave the quote for her as a note, a prescription, on the bench in this fun, imaginary world. The kit is You and Me by Kristi W from Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090904 Lovin It

090904 Lovin It, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

The day Amaria won Green Grace, who is still an integral part of our family! I used "Take a Dip" by Digi-Designs by Nicole and Nibbles Skribbles of Stuff to Scrap.

090904 Winter Babies

090904 Winter Babies, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This WAAY back layout is my daughter and son, who are now 20 & 18, back when we lived in Apple Valley and they were little and liked each other. Weren't they adorable? I used Sun Kissed by Gettin' Scrappy With Britt of Stuff to Scrap, and a template by A+ Designs of Enchanted Studio Scraps.

090903 Who Baby

090903 Who Baby, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This will be one of the front pages in Amaria's 10th birthday book - I used a template and a kit by Stolen Moments - the kit is Pop & Fizz - of Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090904 Everything Excellent

090904 Everything Excellent, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Another page for the "alphabet" part of Amaria's book - I know that this isn't really everything excellent in her life, but the main family and main pets. And Faith, representative of church and God, as the Sunday School teacher. I used Catch the Rainbow by JACQUEScraps of Sunshine Studio Scraps, and this AWESOME template by Hummie!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

090903 All Girl

090903 All Girl, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Nothing says a girl can't love climbing trees - and Amaria sure does! I used the kit Toy Box by Vicki - A Work in Progress from Scrap That Idea. And scraplifted a layout called 100% Boy by kistal1027 at Enchanted Studio Scraps!

090903 Other Amaria

090903 Other Amaria, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Before you call the cops on me for abuse, she comes and sleeps until as late as she wants once we get to work haha! I used A Sunny Day by Mary's Scrap Designs of Sunshine Studios and a template by Robyn Pali of Enchnated Studio Scraps.

090903 Good Ol Zeke

090903 Good Ol Zeke, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Odd story, but true. I used the Play All Day kit by Stolen Moments of Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090903 Piano Lessons

090903 Piano Lessons, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I'm so excited Amaria gets to learn the piano! I'm hoping that with positive skills, like music, she will be less likely to follow the "wrong" path in life and more likely to enjoy the positive possibilities life has to offer such a talented, kind, joyful girl as herself! I used Flower Scraps' kit, music of My Heart from Stuff to Scrap.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

090902 First Diaper Change

090902 First Diaper Change, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Without great digital photography, I feel utterly blessed to have this FANTASTIC picture of Jeffrey changing Amaria's diaper for the first time! He's so huge, she was so tiny, it's just so precious! And this template, totally awesome! I had such a great time with my new drop-shadow skills - not one single plain old drop shadow - took FOREVER! This template is AWESOME! I used Lavender Fields kit, a collab from Sunshine Studios. And this was the fabulous Stephanie Ulrich's template!

090902 Rowdy Relatives

090902 Rowdy Relatives, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I just adore my brother & his family! It was so nice to have them visit this summer. I did this page using Serenity (thought that would be a funny kit to use for this topic) by Scrappyweiss Designs at Enchanted Studio Scraps.

090902 Piggy Back

090902 Piggy Back, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Ahh, they used to have such fun! I have learned a new technique used on this layout - custom drop shadows on the papers, so they don't look so ridiculously flat and perfect! I used the kit Beautiful Things by A+ Designs at Enchanted Studio Scraps and a template by Stolen Moments at Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090902 Question Quietly

090902 Question Quietly, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This may look more like an R layout (reading) but the time Amaria and I spent reading was (and actually still is) the time when we would talk quietly, and she would ask me all the questions she had (has) in life - about God, friendship, family, doing right, loving one another - so our reading time is also our quiet question and snuggle time! I used Chic Shack by BvanEsch of ESS!

090902 Tree of Life

090902 Tree of Life, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This month's challenge (9/09) at Sunshine Studio was to create a page with no pix - was sounding impossible until I ran across this tree just begging to define something on its empty leaves - and so it did! The kit is Once Upon a Time by Fairytale Studios of Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090902 Amaria Around

090902 Amaria Around, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

I had a circle theme going here (in case ya didn't notice) and I used Psychadelic Funk by Web Designz by Kristi of Sunshine Studio Scraps.

090902 Birthday Cake

090902 Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

She was SOOO hilarious eating her cake - what a little slob. hahaha! I used Make A Wish by Stolen Moments & Trixie Scraps for this September 2009 quote challenge at Sunshine Studio Scraps.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My First Ever Tutorial!

Hey, if you like how smooth and sharp my pix look, check out the new tutorial I have at the Bouquet of Pixels blog. I take you thru the steps that I go thru to get my pix the way I want them. Here is my example photo, before & after. Click on photos to be taken to the tutorial!

090901 1st Day of School

090901 1st Day of School, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Ahh, seems like a zillion years ago, and seems like just the other day...sigh! This was created using the kit School Days by Just For You Digi Scraps and a template by Stolen Moments.

090901 Amaria & Katie

090901 Amaria & Katie, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Ginger Scraps speed scrap page kit is Nancy's Happy Day by Scrappyweiss of Enchanted Studio Scraps.

090901 Blue Jeans copy

090901 Blue Jeans copy, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

Not sure why, but Jeffrey is totally obsessed with Amaria wearing blue jeans - so when he's around, she does! Not sure what this goofy look was all about - just Jeffrey being silly! I made this with the Blue Jeans collab at Scrap That Idea, using a template by Stolen Moments of Sunshine Studios, for a theme challenge at Sunshine Studios!