Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Awesome! The Joy by Nibbles Skribbles & Scraps of Ellay

Wanna know what's really fun? Having two of my most favorite designers work together to create one FABULOUS kit!! That's what happened to ME this past week - and here is the kit, The Joy (as in "of motherhood" but you can scrap many things with this beautiful kit) by Scraps of Ellay of Stuff to Scrap and Nibbles Skribbles of Digi Scrap Ink and Digi Scrap Studio! Click on their previews to head to their BLOGS because you won't find this amazing kit in their stores yet - it is FREEEEEEEE on their blogs this week!!! (But if you are viewing this later than May 2010, click on the store names in this post to head to their stores and pick it up - it's worth it either way, trust me). So, here's the kits and a couple layouts I made using both parts.

I had to toss a coin each time I mentioned them both to decide which to put "first" because I couldn't choose otherwise, haha! So here is Ellay's part

And here is Manda's part

And here, this layout is so special, because there's just not anything more special than seeing my daughter loving my granddaughter. She is a GREAT mom and it makes me so proud to be the one who raised her (though I take no credit in how awesome she has turned out, that's just her and God) and these are 2 of my 3 favorite girls (the other being, of course, Amaria).

Amaria's friend, Tori, just adores Taia. Amaria adores Taia because that's her niece and she loves her, but I gotta admit, that's about all, because Amaria is NOT really into little kids. She has NO desire to ever be a baby sitter or an elementary school teacher or anything. She's only 10, so I wonder how she can stand herself, haha! Anyway, Tori loves helping me with Taia and on this trip to the zoo a few weeks ago, she was SUCH a blessing, because for being only one little tiny kid, Taia needed ALL THREE of us to watch her and entertain her and keep up with her!

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