Friday, May 28, 2010

Bears Eat Beets REVAMPED by Scraps of Ellay

One of my fave kits last year was Bears Eat Beets by Scraps of Ellay of Stuff to Scrap - not only because of the quirky name, but because I scrapped one of my favorite layouts of my little nephew Brennan with it. Well, Ellay has grown so much as a designer in the past year, and she loved that kit, too, so she decided to re-do it with all her new skills. The result is Bears Eat Beets II and it is AMAZING, as you can see in the layouts and preview below!! It's the BEST camping kit all summer, believe me! Click on either layout or the preview to pick up Bears Eat Beets II at Stuff to Scrap.

So check it out - that bear, that sign with the 3 arrows, the colors, those marshmallows - this is so cool!

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