Friday, May 28, 2010

Modern Elegance by Scrappin' Serenity

Well I've been utterly neglecting my blog - I've been way too busy scrapping, marrying off a daughter, taking care of nephews and grandkids - you know, LIVING the life that I scrap! Anyway, this is the first of numerous posts with my most recent layouts by the fabulous designers I am privileged to create for. Starting with - MODERN ELEGANCE by Scrappin' Serenity! Ummm, elegance is not a word that really describes a whole lot of my life, but lately I've been scanning old family photos, and I ran across this one of my cousin, Charlene's, wedding (okay, her FIRST wedding, of, well, I won't say how many haha). So that's me on the far right there, and I was a whole lot cuter than I thought I was at the time! Nothing anybody could do about those awful glasses, but I was really tan with smooth, good skin, and just kind of pretty - which is surprising to me, because I NEVER thought of myself as pretty when I was little. And my parents were not the gushy, complimenting type (though that may not have mattered to how I felt about myself, because I AM the gushy, complimenting type and my kids still don't have the self confidence I'd wish for them to have...)

Anyway, enough of my bush-league psychology and on with the pretty pictures! In addition to using Modern Elegance by Scrappin' Serenity of Stuff to Scrap, I also used a template by JennCK Designs (as usual haha!) of Elemental Scraps and Scrap Book Bytes! Click on the layout or the kit preview to head to Stuff to Scrap to pick up this gorgeous kit!

And here is the kit!

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