Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Amaria & Zoe's Last Playtime

Amaria & Zoe 4
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This was Zoe's last play-time visit outside. She used to always run away, every chance she got, and bark WAY too much!

This time when Amaria and I took her out, though, she didn't even need a leash, as she could only walk very slowly. She did not bark at all, due to the tumors constricting her voice.

Zoe had a nice time out walking with us, but spent the next 24 hours laying still, not eating or drinking. So it was the last time she was able to run around and play outside. After this, it was only about a week until I had to take her in and end her suffering (leukemia).

We loved Zoe so much!

Her nicknames were:

She was so friendly. She would come up to you wherever you were and waggle her tail (really, her whole back end) and look at you, and if you did not get what she meant and pet her, she would put one paw up on you. "Excuse me, Zoe's here, I need petting and love." Zeke even learned this paw trick from her!

As I choose to adopt older beagles that nobody else really wants, I know I don't get to keep them forever, but I sure do wish that Zoe would have been able to stay with us longer than one year.

Bye, Sweetheart - we love you!

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