Saturday, December 10, 2005

Aunt Janet's Lap Blanket 1

Aunt Janet's Lap Blanket 1
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I love and adore my Aunt Janet SO MUCH! She has always been there for me and very understanding of me, as she was a single mom back at a time when being a single mom was NOT accepted as much as it is today, but she knows it's tough. She has always loved my kids and loved me unconditionally, even in my super-brat teenage years. So I was very happy to make this blanket for her, and I thought about how much I love her and I prayed for her as I made it, so I think that is what knitting is really all about. I hope she will like it!

I am not used to making blankets, and I'm not sure this is big enough, but then again, I made it to be a "lap blanket" and Aunt Janet is all of 4'10" tall, so I think it will be big enough.

I used Red Heart acrylic (super saver or some such thing) and I can see why people get to be fiber snobs...I don't like the way it felt to knit with that yarn, it actually feels like I got little blisters or something on my fingers. That could be because I have knit the blanket for about 6 hours a day for the past couple of days, but still...I won't be using that yarn again, even if it is very affordable. When I want cheap, I will go with Lion Brand Wool Ease, which is very affordable, and just feels much better.

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