Saturday, December 10, 2005

Red Speckle Sweater

Red Speckle 1
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I made this sweater awhile ago, but just finished the sleeves this weekend...don't ask me why!

I made this sweater using Lion Brand Wool Ease, my favorite yarn to knit with. (Except for maybe Knit Picks' Andean Silk...hmmmm, or baby alpaca...okay I like this yarn.)

Is Amaria the biggest ham showing off her sweaters or what? The heartbreaking thing is she is so easily made warm that she rarely gets the chance to wear all the sweaters I make for her. And my other daughter, who is always cold, won't let me make her a sweater because she won't wear handmade things. Hmmm...

You can't see, but there are little hearts on the top center of this sweater made in a seed stitch pattern. I think they don't show up because I used the flash to take this picture. Maybe later I will add another picture with the flash off during the day time so they will show up.

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