Thursday, February 05, 2009

Project 365 - February 3, 2009

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My FAVORITE copier/scanner/printer EVER!!! I am now printing the 400 copies of the church bulletin (called the Steppingstone) and the machine is doing ALL of the work for me – putting the pages in the right order, folding it in half, and putting all the pages together. All I have to do is grab them from the end, and give them to the crew that mails them out. (Well, and create the whole thing to start with). This is a Konica/Minolta BizHub. Before we used this, I made the bulletin on a “high-speed” printer, which printed in ink, only one side at a time, no folding, no collating. It took WAAAYYYYY longer. So now I get done much earlier, right? Nope! I just put more stuff in at the last second. Ah, well…this is my techno-baby.

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Butter said...

.....and you thought no one would ever read your blog.
I did I did :-)
The bizhub is well cool. It prints massive banners too !!