Thursday, February 26, 2009

Project 365 - February 24, 2009

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My life – that’s what this is! I have ADHD quite bad, and even though I am medicated, there are certain things I need in life to get by. And a few years back, I discovered audible books and my life has never been the same since! I am able to do lengthy housework chores, as long as I am listening to my book. I am able to do boring data-entry at work (when necessary) as long as I am able to listen to my book. I am able to stand a long drive without going insane as long as I am able to listen to a book. Although I was recently pulled over and informed (without being ticketed, thank you White Bear Lake police guy) that it is illegal to drive with headphones on (yes, I know, Dad has been telling me for years, but since when did I listen to him?) so I’ll have to figure something out there. Anyway, obviously I am currently “reading” The Ambassadors by Henry James, and I really like the 19th century British fiction (I realize he’s technically American, but the narrator is VERY British and the action happens mostly in Europe, so it fits anyway) so I’m taking a short break from my Dickens (the BEST) and reading something new. Without this little contraption, I just don’t know what I’d do. It is, by the way, a Creative MOZAIC MP3 player. MUCH cheaper than an ipod and just as good.

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