Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cocka-Doodle-Moo! Kit by Nibbles Skribbles and Wetfish Designs

This kit is SOOOO cute!!! It is a collab between the fabulous Nibbles Skribbles, and the also-fabulous Wetfish Designs. You can pick it up at any of their stores, but I will link to Nibbles Skribbles' stores as I am on her CT. And I used her portion of the kit (almost completely, I think a tree of Wetfish Designs...) for the same reason - but as you can see, the entire kit is ADORABLE!!
Pick up at Digi Scrap Ink
Pick up at The Studio

And here is the preview. Also, click here to head to the Wetfish Designs blog!

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Ashley said...

Oh man, that fantasy one rocks!