Friday, September 24, 2010

What I've Been Up To!

Well, I have been in a designer contest over at The Studio...I was anonymous for the first few weeks, so I couldn't post my freebies. But here they are, unmasked at last! I am going to be in the final round, but while I'm working on that kit, if you have missed these goodies, go get them - the previews link to The Studio where you can pick them up.

Here's my Week 1 Entry, Summer Harvest. We were given a palette and had to make a MINI MINI (3 papers, 6 elements). Click the preview to head over to The Studio to pick up this mini-mini, and see what else the other great designers have for you!

This was my Week 2 entry - we had to either do papers, elements, or clusters. Well I've been loving making clusters lately, and I'm so freakin' proud of this bunch of them, I could spit. I don't know why being proud makes me think I oughtta spit, but I'm just sayin'. Anyway, click on the preview to head to The Studio to pick up these clusters, and while you're there, you can get matching papers and elements from the other excellent Round 2 designers. But keep watching MY blog and store, because this is DEFINITELY going to be a kit (I made that fan from scratch, you know).

And this baby put me into the final round (round 3 was making a preview for a charity collab kit - not sure if I'm supposed to post that, and although I didn't win that round in #1 spot to earn $$ for my charity, I did make it to Round 4 - and that is where I did this. The theme was apples - the task to make a quick page, and all the things that went into the quick page, and that was the submission. Well, apples! Click on the preview to download my apple mini kit and quick page, check out the other wonderful minis & QPs, and watch for Round 5 - 10 fabulous designers (yeah, I said it - I'm INCLUDED in that, can you BELIEVE it!?!?) 10 free kits. You will want them ALL I guarantee it!

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