Tuesday, May 05, 2009

NSD was Like THIS for me!

I went insane with the digi-scrapping! I did scrap-a-thons are 3 SITES! That means over 30 layouts in one weekend. Whew! So on this post, I'm putting my SAT pages from Enchanted Studio Scraps - they worked me hard, and I'm so happy with the results!
First up, Good Neighbors, which I created this page for a template challenge using the Preppy Primary kit by Scrappyweiss Designs.

Next, I created Adorable Baby Taia for a Use It All challenge (was given a list of items to be used, and had to use them all) using the Funny Bunnies kit by Suzy Q Scraps.

Moving on, I created this page about what I really dream of (besides, you know, world peace and success, happiness, and salvation for those I love) using the Midnight Dreams kit by Bonnie VanEsch:

Here I used the Funny Bunnies kit by Suzy Q Scraps again to create a scene with Amaria! She's so amazed by those bunnies!

This one, called Girls in the Hood, features Amaria and two of her neighborhood friends on Halloween, 2008. I used the Brown Sugar kit by Scrappyweiss Design. It was a journaling challenge, thus all my yammering.

Ever since I first got this freebie kit from Scrappyweiss Design's blog, I have wanted to scrap Meme with his big ol' afro! So this scraplift challenge was just the thing!

The Now & Then challenge was so sweet, and I love this newer picture of Lisha & Gramma, so I found an old one, too, and used the Pretty in Pink kit by Scrappyweiss Designs to show you them - then & now!

This 2-page template was great, and so of course I scrapped Taia's Baptism - with a kit called Gimme Chocolate! Kit by Suzy Q Scraps.

This next one was easy - just an action photo! So here's Amaria playing with Humphrey and the Chuck It (greatest dog toy EVER) this Easter at my parents' house. I used the Hip Hip Hooray kit by Charlie's Digi Scraps.

And finally (for Enchanted Studio Scraps layouts, that is) I created this for an ad inspired challenge using the Spring Poetry kit by Designs by Tina. I love the flowers in this kit, and I love my Trippels!

Well, that is far from all, as you will see in further posts this week - what a great weekend!