Saturday, May 09, 2009

090509 VBS Girls

090509 VBS Girls, originally uploaded by knittinjen.

This photo of some of the VBS girls and a volunteer from the summer of 2008 (I'm VBS Director at the church I go to) was cut in slices based on Hummie's Tutorial from Class 2 I'm taking in her subscriber area. I used to have a painting set that was 3 photos sliced in this manner and really liked it. I had seen it in layouts. But I had never tried it - but with this class as inspiration, I did, and I found a photo I thought was good for it. Notice how I sliced them at the spots they are holding hands - this was to emphasize - by contrast - the point of what Penny was doing, as she was helping the two girls become friends. I also used the arrow and my journaling to emphasize this point. I used the kit Cooties by Baby Yaks from Pretty Scrappy.

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