Friday, July 09, 2010

Little Firecracker by Scraps of Ellay

Well I CT for a ton of people, and I've seen a bunch of AWESOME 4th of July kits lately, but I must say, this one is my hands-down fave (umm, if you are somebody other than LA that I CT for, haha, just kidding, yours is the best haha wink wink). But seriously, I love the whimsical and childlike look of this kit!! I've been with Ellay now for over a year, and I'm telling you, her designs do nothing but get better...and better...and BETTER!!

So anyway, that's my big ol' plug for Ellay in general, and here is my plug for this gorgeous kit specifically! Check out Little Firecracker at Stuff to Scrap cuz it is AWESOME!! First up, my daughter singing "Star Spangled Banner", her favorite all-time song - at least one of the few faves that are NOT by Taylor Swift!

Then my two girls, back in 2005, Amaria sporting her adorable flag-print dress that my mom made for her when she was going through her mad patriotic phase.

Normally I don't post all the different previews but I'm feeling especially un-lazy today, so here they all are. You can click any of them, or the layouts above, to head to Stuff to Scrap to pick up Ellay's gorgeous kit, Little Firecracker!!

Isn't it fun how she has started to do the glitter previews using shapes that match with the kit? So talented!!

And in case the full preview had sooo many totally awesome elements that you could hardly see the papers -- here's the papers! Works of art, every last one!!

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Ellay said...

I'm just now seeing this, thank you so much, girl!! You rock! :D