Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Whole New Year

2006 is here. I feel less depressed, although I still don't have a job. I do, however, have medical insurance for myself and the kids, so that is AWESOME!

I'm not into big resolutions and such, but here is a list of things I want to have accomplished by the end of 2006:

1. find a steady, stable, years-into-the-future, room-to-grow job
2. move into our own home (with zeke)
3. stabilize meech on some meds that make him a regular person
4. lisha gets job, license, college ambition
5. amaria able to read, but i still read to her!
6. have health insurance all year long - no gaps!
7. legal issues taken care of - past and present
8. have visited sarah sometime in the year
9. flown lisha out to california to visit david in the summer
10. feel like a real adult person (perhaps if the above goals are reached, this one will be, too, not least of all the medical insurance and therefore my medication as well as the childrens')

these may not be too earth-shattering, they may even be things any normal person would expect, but for me, they are good enough goals to keep me going.

and i love this whole blog thing because i can look back at the end of the year and see how i did.

wait, a few more:
11. knit things for each baby coming into family
12. read (or listen to) 50 books and blog each one
13. lose 25 pounds (at least)
14. knit 5 sweaters for amaria for 1st grade
15. knit an afghan for mom for 2006 christmas (and actually have it done by christmas!)

i could list many more knitting goals, but let's just keep it at this. nobody says i can't exceed my goals, right?

happy 2006!

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