Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Father's Day 2008

00 Jen's Page 1
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Well, I have been digi-scrapping, mostly in my head, since 2005, and just lately I have gone nuts with all the awesome free stuff people offer on their blogs. So after collecting about 40GB (yep, four-zero!) of free "stuff" I finally sat down this weekend to make some pages (outside of my head, that is, where there are about 20 million of them) and here is the first effort. Note the non-squareness - it is because my computer screen at home is pretty small, and I thought I had the whole page showing, but I didn't, and it looked goofy with a bunch of empty green at the bottom, so I had to cut it off. This is fun, I think I have an obsession that may rival knitting!

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