Thursday, September 30, 2010

Farewell My Summer Love - New Kit!

I've been so crazy busy with the designer contest at The Studio, so it's been awhile since I had a new kit for you. But I've been working in the background, and soon, you may just be overwhelmed at all I have coming out!

Let's start with this one - Farewell My Summer Love. The second in my Michael Jackson tribute series (so my kit includes a link to the lovely little song, Farewell My Summer Love, by Michael Jackson on YouTube). But my good friend, Tammy - known in digi-scrap land as Mommy Me Time Scrapper - has agreed to come on and make this a collaborative effort! And she really outdid me!! But never fear - you can pick up BOTH halves of the kit at Stuff to Scrap - and for this first week, they are both 25% off!

But before we get to previews, check out some of the beautiful layouts made by my CT.

First, an adorable one by Noelle.

Then we have a couple by Kendra.

And here are a couple by Paula.

THREE by Julie, and all made into QPs for you - available on her blog (click any layout to head over there).

And here are a couple of lovely ones by Lauren!

Okay, as I'm posting this, I'm not sure what all the freebies will be, but head to the blogs to check it out - and go again on Friday, just in case something new pops up! You'll be glad you did!!

So enough of my yakking, let's get to the kit, right? First is Tammy's preview (linked to her store).

And here is my portion of the kit, linked to the store.

Enjoy - and if you make layouts, be sure to post them in our STS galleries so we can ooh and ahhh and leave you lotsa love!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunrise Sunset - Free Kit by Knittinjen

This is my final round submission to the contest at The Studio - will only be free until Thursday evening, maybe Friday morning, so be sure to grab it quick! There are another 9 kits in the same category, so GO GET 'EM!!

And might I take a moment to say - wow! I can't believe I made it to the final round, and thank all those who voted for me - there is no public voting in this last round, so this is your reward - a no pressure set of 10 AWESOME free kits!! Enjoy, and if you make any layouts with these, I'd love to see them!

Click on any preview to head to The Studio to download. First is the whole kit - inspired by the beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunset (couldn't pick my fave!) and the song on my FAVE musical ever, Fiddler on the Roof!

Here is a preview of the 14 papers - I love lotsa texture, so that's what you get!

And here are the elements - I was WAY into gradients on this kit, because I LOVE the way God paints the sky with the beautiful gradients He created at sunrise and at sunset - get it? I made some fun cluster items (frames, corners, tag) and had a great time creating this - hope you will have a great time scrapping with it!

And here are 3 close-up previews. These are what proved to myself that I was ready for this contest this year. Last year when I began to enter this contest, and read about the close-up previews, I said to myself, "I don't want to show it close-up, it won't look as good." This year, I am EXCITED to share what it looks like up close, because I think it looks GREAT up close!

Friday, September 24, 2010

MORE Apples - Freebie Add-On!

Wait - I'm adding this last, but putting it first. A special shot-out to my CT member Kendra, who helped me so much yesterday when I was home sick with no internet access! This little add-on is dedicated to Kendra!!

Well, those apples just weren't enough. For one thing, the quote was about apple seeds, and I didn't even put my seeds in the mini kit/QP! So here is the add-on. I'm rather fond of cardstock, mainly because my regular papers are so textured, that sometimes you just need something a little plainer to throw behind a photo or something. After all, it's your photos that should get all the attention, not my papers, right? Well....maybe....hahaha! Anyway, so I put together this little add-on for you - 14 cardstock papers, one additional patterned paper, and a few elements. Did I mention the QP/mini was with no CU purchased stuff, only things I created with my program and my scanner and my creativity? Well, that's all well and good, but I have no idea how to do ribbons and stitches, so on this add-on you get some of that! :) Enjoy, and watch The Studio for Round 5!! It'll be legendary! And since the add-on is kinda huge, the links are below the preview, not the preview itself.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3

What I've Been Up To!

Well, I have been in a designer contest over at The Studio...I was anonymous for the first few weeks, so I couldn't post my freebies. But here they are, unmasked at last! I am going to be in the final round, but while I'm working on that kit, if you have missed these goodies, go get them - the previews link to The Studio where you can pick them up.

Here's my Week 1 Entry, Summer Harvest. We were given a palette and had to make a MINI MINI (3 papers, 6 elements). Click the preview to head over to The Studio to pick up this mini-mini, and see what else the other great designers have for you!

This was my Week 2 entry - we had to either do papers, elements, or clusters. Well I've been loving making clusters lately, and I'm so freakin' proud of this bunch of them, I could spit. I don't know why being proud makes me think I oughtta spit, but I'm just sayin'. Anyway, click on the preview to head to The Studio to pick up these clusters, and while you're there, you can get matching papers and elements from the other excellent Round 2 designers. But keep watching MY blog and store, because this is DEFINITELY going to be a kit (I made that fan from scratch, you know).

And this baby put me into the final round (round 3 was making a preview for a charity collab kit - not sure if I'm supposed to post that, and although I didn't win that round in #1 spot to earn $$ for my charity, I did make it to Round 4 - and that is where I did this. The theme was apples - the task to make a quick page, and all the things that went into the quick page, and that was the submission. Well, apples! Click on the preview to download my apple mini kit and quick page, check out the other wonderful minis & QPs, and watch for Round 5 - 10 fabulous designers (yeah, I said it - I'm INCLUDED in that, can you BELIEVE it!?!?) 10 free kits. You will want them ALL I guarantee it!

Speed Scrap This Sunday with Scrappin' Serenity!

Scrappin' Serenity is hosting a speed scrap on Sunday night! Check out the flyer below for more info! (click it to go to the speed scrap section of the forum).
And here's the Participation Prize....a $2.00 coupon to her store! :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Speed Scrap at STS!

Click here to be directed to the speed scrap area of the forum.

The participation prize is a surprise, but you might be able to see a sneak peek of it in the forum. It will be worth it regardless. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Luke's Shop - New Mini Kit at Stuff to Scrap!

Be sure to read this whole post - there are freebies all throughout!

I've asked all my CT members to tell me about their kids, and each one of them is getting a mini (barely) kit dedicated especially to them! I decided to work on Luke's kit (Kendra's son) first because my store is all full of colorful girly kits and it needed a good ol' grungy boy kit - and this is the one! Requested by Luke was a kit that had NO pink or purple, and NO primary colors - so here it is! Luke loves to work in his shop on his go-kart and motorbike, and then ride them (very safely as you will see by Kendra's layouts) - so this is the perfect kit for him, and for your boy as well! Plus I have a couple of CT members with freebies on their blog to go with the kit, so be sure to check them out. First, the kit (and cardstocks, which come with the kit for free, or can be purchased separately). Click on either preview to head to Stuff to Scrap to pick up this BARELY mini kit for just $1.99!

We'll start with Kendra's layouts, starring ..... drumroll ..... LUKE!

Hmmm, safe AND green! Good boy, Luke!

How awesome is this go-kart? What a lucky boy Luke is.

Kendra also made this little freebie cluster frame for you - click on the preview to download!

Next up, we have a layout by Paula, Cutie Fruity to her blog followers.

Plus Paula has made this great little 5x7 QP which you can use as an invitation as well - click on the image to head to her blog and pick it up!

And here is a great layout by the wonderful Noelle!

Lauren made this great layout - umm, nice statue? Ahaha!

And finally, we have the fabulous Julie, who not only made these two awesome layouts, but turned them both into QPs for you - free! Click on either layout to head to her blog and pick up these wonderful quick page freebies!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Motley Crew Designs CT Call

My digi-scrap friend, Jodi, is having a CT call - be sure to apply!

jodi ct call

Sunday, September 05, 2010

STS Store & Gallery Temporarily Down

Store & Gallery Down
Sorry everyone for the inconvenience, but the STS Store and Gallery are temporarily down while maintenance is being preformed. They will be back up by Monday late afternoon or evening.

We will be offering a coupon code once they are back up for the inconvenience this has caused.

Please feel free to visit our forum and participate in some challenges until they are back up.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

AWESOME Designer Contest at The Studio

I would tell you to vote for me, but as we are using "Secret Identities" you can't know who I am! But, go ahead over and vote for SOMEBODY! (Actually, 3 somebodies) But not until like 3 pm today (Saturday). The AMAZING Mitsybelle made this slideshow with all the kits so far - I will not be online to add the last comers, but if you follow the link (click on the slide show for link) to The Studio, you will see them all. Don't forget - vote for me!! (whoever I am hahahah)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Summer Yum by Knittinjen - & Freebies!!

Okay, this kit has been in the store a couple of weeks, but I have been learning to organize myself to blog about it - offer freebies - show you my fabulous CT's fabulous layouts - and all that!! I'm going to start with their layouts - cuz they are really TERRIFIC!! While looking thru them, you can see who made it on to my CT - a great group of ladies that I'm SOOO excited to work with - a few VERY familiar names, and maybe one or two not so familiar - but awesome indeed!! (and in no particular order....)

First up, we have Paula who scraps in 8.5x11 - gotta hand it to her, that takes a little extra creativity in a 12x12 world! She has not only 2 gorgeous layouts, but she made the 2nd one into a QP freebie for you! Click either layout to head to her very fun and interesting blog, and pick up the QP Freebie!

And you all know and love Noelle and her precious (though a little grumpy-looking here haha) daughter Chawndell - I am SOO honored to have Noelle now scrapping Chawndell and the rest of her fam & friends with MY kits!

Next up we have Lauren, who is an excellent scrapper - and she has made her FIRST EVER freebie - the "I Wish I Was A Fish" word art in this layout - click either layout to head to her blog and pick up this adorable word art!

And you all know Kendra, too, from STS - mega-scrappin-maniac, that's Kendra! She lives the most interesting life and I'm so happy she will be using my designs to scrap it and share it with us! Kendra doesn't blog, but she did make a freebie for you, so find that below her two layouts.

Kendra created a word art and frame for you - click on this preview to pick it up!

It's so exciting for me to have a CT member who lives in Moscow, Russia - because my VERY favorite thing about the internet is how it connects people from all around the world. Here are two beautiful layouts by Julie!

And here are a couple of ADORABLE layouts by Kristen, who I look forward to getting to know as she scraps her life for us to enjoy!

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, my digi-scrap mentor, Lori - known better as Ellay! She did a whoppin' 4 layouts with this kit - and they are all SO CUTE!!! And if you agree - keep watching my blog - something kinda cool is gonna happen with these in the next week or two....

Okay, now here are the kit previews - the cardstocks are free with purchase (they are in the kit, don't put in your cart separately) and you can click any of these previews to head to STS to pick it up - and then keep going, cuz there's one more freebie at the end!

These yummy cardstocks come with the kit for free, or you can pick them up separately - click the preview to check them out at Stuff to Scrap!

Okay, I want to share with you the 2 layouts I did with the kit, and THEN you get my freebie, too!

Okay, are you ready to rip my hair out for taking so long with this? No, because you LOVED all the great eye candy we gave you, right? So thanks for looking, and here is my freebie for Summer Yum - another alpha (my fave of the 3) and a folded paper. Click on the preview to pick up - and enjoy!